King 2 Carbon edition  

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Esky Honey Bee King 2 CCPM Electric helicopter


This is one of the best micro size radio control helicopters for the beginner to intermediate flier on the market today.

In my humble opinion it is not ready to fly out of the box as advertised.

Although it will work out of the box, the brushed style motor supplied usually does not last longer than a few flights.

Requirements to get it in reliable flying condition are.

  • Brush less motor with ESC to match

With these changes you can expect 100's of trouble free flights with just regular maintenance.

In the hands of a skilled radio control pilot, all of the flying tricks are possible with the stock components.

A real solid machine delivered to most addresses around the globe for less than $200.00 includeing the cost of brushless motor upgrade.

The CNC and Carbon Fibre Edition

The EK1H-018 comes complete with a Carbon Fibre Frame and all the available CNC upgrades.

The most economical path to upgrades is purchasing the Carbon Fibre edition in the beginning if upgradeing is in future plans. The EK1H-018 model comes complete with Carbon Fibre frame all CNC upgrade parts as well as Brushless Motor completely assembled and Ready to Go out of the box.

Compared to simular priced helicopters in this price range, The Honey Bee King is a huge step ahead of anything else out there.

Length 535mm
Height 225mm
Main blade diameter 600mm
Tail blade diameter 130mm
Motor gear 9T
Main drive gear 140T
Drive gear rate 9:140T
Weight 470g(with 1000mAh,11.1V

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