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Eflite Blade CX Radio Control Model Helicopter



  • Main Rotor Diameter:13.6 in (345mm)
  • Gross Weight:8.0 oz (227 g) W/Battery
  • Length:16.42 (417mm)
  • Motor Size:180 (2 installed)
  • Control System:2.4GHz DSM 5-channel (included), 4-in-1 receiver/mixer/ESC/gyro (installed),S60 Super Sub-Micro (2 installed)

The Blade CX comes in at the $190.00 mark average.



The Blade CX from Eflite is a excellent indoor helicopter. Flying outdoors is not recommended unless there is no wind at all.

This is a four channel machine and although it is easy to fly and is great fun indoors, This is not a very good trainer Helicopter for the Collective Pitch models.

Most folks who have started with a co axle rc helicopter such as the CX and become capable of flying and landing on exact spots with no problem, generally try a take off with a CP helicopter and immediately fly into the closest object and crash. I am in this group.

If your goal is to advance in Radio Control Helicopters,My suggestion is to buy a CP Helicopter in the beginning and spend the money you would of invested in the co axle, On parts and a decent simulator for the CP Heli.

If indoor fun is the object. These are terrific little helis with a reasonable parts count and lots of upgrade options for more power,durability and body styles. Because of the low parts count and simple design, most mishaps result in a broken blade or 2 and straightening the fly bar.

The most expensive part of these is the 4 in 1 controller. Power on blade strikes or crashes that result in the blades being stopped suddenly can result in power surges that will destroy the 4 in 1 controller. It is imperative that the throttle is cut as soon as possible when in these situations to prevent this

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