Servo's used in RC Planes




   The Servo's used in RC Aircraft are neat little machines that do the actual work moving the various control surfaces in a model.

   Servo's are also used to move switches or activate air valves for such items as retracts. Just about any item in a model that can be operated by mechanical means can be done with a servo. Some neat stuff can be accomplished such as a sliding canopy or bomb drops with servo's.

   Basic operation is accomplished using a motor controlled by circuit board fitted with a positioning device that gets its power and directions from the rc receiver.

   RC Servo's come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different types of motors and control components. Servo's are rated by the torque or force they can supply. Standard size servo's have the ability to produce 40 oz of torque. Larger servo's will produce more torque and smaller ones less in general. There are also specialized units that are very compact in size but produce tremdous power. A hefty price tag also accompany's these high end units.

   Most rc plane kits recommend servo size for there models.

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