Scale RC Airplanes




  The concept of building scale rc airplanes is to create a model exactly like a full size aircraft that is either in existence now or has been in the past.

   Reproducing aircraft in exact detail in a smaller size is the ultimate goal of scale modelers.

   There are many Scale Model Competitions around the world with categories from beginner to expert.

   The ultimate being the world competition organized by the F.A.I.

   Scale enthusiasts will find many local events catering to there interest. These events are generally non competitive and create a great venue for all folks interested in scale modeling to get together to trade tips and techniques.

   Scale Modeling is also not only for the competition minded modeler. Many folks build or purchase a scale model just because its much more fun to own and fly a model that looks like your favorite aircraft as opposed to something that just looks like a stick with wings attached. This is shown by the abundance of scale model kits as well as Arf's on the market today. It seems every model manufacture has a least a piper cub and p51 mustang in there line up. These are a couple very popular planes.

   A few lucky folks have been able to create careers in the movie industry supplying scale models. Quite a few popular movies would not have been possible without models of older planes that are no longer in existence or are unable to be flown safely. Models allow movie makers to get flying shots of a airplane in situations where a piloted aircraft may crash or possibly destroy the only working version of that particular aircraft in existence. Some of these aircraft are worth millions and are irreplaceable. Making model aircraft the perfect solution.

   Scale models are also used in development of new designs. Building a model allows researchers to try out there new ideas without the cost associated with building a complete full size aircraft to test ideas. Models also eliminate the risk to the pilots who would need to fly these new ideas.

  From the beginning modeling has been the starting point of all aviation designs, models were being built and test flown years before the first human flight.

   Scale Modeling has always been a huge part of the radio control aircraft hobby. Whether it be a Piper Cub or the latest Jet Model of a F-18 this aspect of radio control is a wonderful pastime.


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