RC Aircraft Safety




   Safety in the Rc Airplane Hobby

   Is a must if the modeler would like to keep body and mind in the same shape as when becoming first involved in the hobby.

   The RC Aircraft Hobby is a wonderful pastime that will keep a modeler excited and engaged for many years if not for a lifetime.

   The intent of this article is not to defer anyone from trying the wonderful hobby of RC Aircraft, But instead try to make entry intro the Hobby as safe and enjoyable as possible.

   What to Look For

  • Spinning props on even the smallest models can do damage when spinning.
  • Always tether or have a helper hold the model while powering up the model. Either electric or gas powered models can cause injury or damage when started in throttle positions above what is required to move the model. This is a common accident that usually results in serious cuts.
  • Batteries used to power today's models such as Lipo's require special handling. Read and follow manufactures instructions.
  • Receiver and Transmitter batteries are often overlooked by the novice. If the system battery goes dead while the model is in operation all control will be lost. A out of control model can be very dangerous.
  • Always range check your equipment following manufactures instructions before committing your model to the air. Solve any problems before flying.
  • Fuel used in Gas powered models is highly flammable and toxic to humans and pets. Store and transfer the fuel in proper containers out of direct sun. Use a filling system for fueling your model that prevents spills.
  • Double check the structural integrity of your model before each flight. Damage from a tough landing can go unnoticed and will cause the model to fly erratically or totally out of control on the next flight.
  • Check that the control surfaces are soundly fastened and move in the proper direction when inputs are given at the transmitter before each take off.
  • If possible while learning get instruction from a experienced flier.
  • If learning on your own, choose a location to fly where there is ample room away from people and property, so that out of control crashes will not harm people,pets or property.
  • Most of the glues, fuels,lubricants,paints etc used in the hobby are toxic and should be used as per manufactures instructions. Always store these items properly and out of reach of children.
  • Hobby knifes,saws,small screw drivers etc can be dangerous if not used properly.
  • Many more safety items are posted throughout this web site in locations pertaining to the product or exercise being discussed.


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