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   Why would we include a web page about rubber powered models in a site about radio control aircraft.

   Generally rubber powered models are of the free flight variety, but with today's technology rc rubber powered models are around, although not as popular as electric or gas power.

   Getting a Rubber Powered Free Flight model to fly straight and level the way you want will take some time and study of the effects torque and speed has on the model. These are  excellent models to allow the user to get a handle on the effects powered flight has on a aircraft. These models are normally flown indoors where the effect of wind and turbulence are taken out of the equation,allowing the modeler to see the true effects of power on the airframe in real time, with a very small investment.

   There are hundreds of different models offered in toy stores and dollar stores at prices less than $5.00

   This can be a challenging and rewarding way to learn a bit about how powered airplanes work without investing large sums of cash.

   For those so inclined there are many venues including world competitions where a modeler can compete with others in this fascinating hobby. Most contests are scored by duration(time in the air) or by distance flown.

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