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   Ready to Fly Radio Control Airplanes are now available in a huge variety of models. The most prominent being in the Park Flyer Category. Park Flyers are normally electric powered and there is a huge selection being offered that come with everything required to get flying. It is as simple as screw a couple pieces together charge the battery and you are ready to go. Some kits even supply the screw driver.

   In the case of Nitro and Gas models the fuel is normally not supplied, although most local shops will include this item if it will make the sale. There are many restrictions to shipping fuel, leaving this item out of the package allows manufactures and dealers to ship these kits at reasonable costs.

   Ready to Fly RC Models are designed and marketed towards the first time RC Pilot. Unfortunately there is no magic pill included with the plane that gives the new pilot the ability to fly safely and in control.

   Most of the manufactures include a basic computer simulator program with there RTF kits. It is suggested that some time be spent on the sim before attempting the first flight. Getting a feel for how the plane will handle can save a lot of time and expense in repairs. Regardless of how easy the marketing says it is, your plane is not likely to last more than a couple flights without major damage. Sim time or help from a experienced flier is the best defense for keeping your plane in flying condition.

   There is a huge selection of beginner Park Flier models on the market in the $200.00 to $300.00 range that include a simulator and all the required components to get flying. The nitro and gas ready to fly planes are around the $500.00 mark.

   Please take the time to read the Getting Started in RC and Safety pages of this site.

   Hopefully armed with some basic information all aspiring new rc pilots entrance into the hobby will be successful and safe.

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