Park Flyer Radio Control Airplanes



Park Flyers have made a huge impact on the Radio Control Aircraft scene.

Generally these are slow flying electric powered RC Planes that are easy to fly and set up. Requiring a lot less airspace than larger conventional rc planes.

Most come out of the box ready to go with the exception of charging the batteries.

There is a abundance of Park Fliers in the $100.00 to $200.00 range ready to fly with all equipment necessary, which is considerable less than the $500.00 plus range for a glow or electric powered conventional trainer plane.

No building or assembling complicated parts and the reasonable prices have made these rc planes a great way for folks who have a interest in trying the hobby of Radio control airplane flying a chance to try it. Many have and are now involved in the wonderful hobby.

The slow flying characteristics and smaller size of these park fliers, as well as the lack of noise makes these rc planes a excellent choice for the local park.

Always check with local authorities and property owners before flying to ensure you have permission to fly in the area.

Keep safety in mind.

Do not fly around People or Pets, although small and slow Park Flier RC Planes have the ability to cause harm.

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