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Model size turbines have taken a huge step forward recently with the capability to start and run on regular jet A or Kerosene all from the flick of a few switches on the rc transmitter.

This is a huge step from just a few short years ago when these engines were using propane for fuel and the starting equipment consisted of scuba tanks and a mountain of gear to just get them running.

Model Turbine engines are now very popular in jet models replacing the ducted fan propulsion systems. As competition has increased as well as technology, prices have seemed to stabilize with auto start on kerosene or Jet A becoming the norm. Turbines that weigh in at 5 lbs or less now have no problem pumping out 30 lbs of thrust, That kind of power was very difficult if not impossible to get with a ducted fan set up.

Once running with a steady supply of fuel these new engines are very reliable.

How it works

Model turbines operate basically by performing 3 functions.

  • air is sucked in the inlet and compressed by the compressor fan
  • as the compressed air is moving through the combustion chamber fuel is added and ignited
  • the result of the combustion is the gases move through the turbine wheel which is mounted on the other end of the shaft that also supports the compressor fan, this makes the process continuous. The still expanding and compressed hot gases escape out the exhaust pipe creating the thrust that propels the model.

The shape of the inside of the engine is designed in such a way that the process is enhanced to allow the best flow from entry to exit of the air and fuel. Manufactures continue to fine tune this process to get better thrust and fuel consumption.

AMT was one of the first manufactures to offer turbine engines to modelers.

Model Turbine engines are now available for propeller driven rc model planes,rc model helicopters, and rc model boats.

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