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Our world today is so fast paced at times that weeks go by, where thoughts of anything but work, the bills or the next place we have to get to by 6pm etc is the only thoughts we have. If you are in this group of folks, that all you’re waking moments are taken up by these thoughts.

Read on.

I have always been intrigued with how aircraft work and fly. My start in aircraft model building was first inspired by my brother, who showed up at our house one weekend in July with a Radio Control Model Airplane. His attempts to fly the model were unsuccessful that weekend, but I was intrigued with his explanations of the building and preparation involved in getting the model ready for the sky’s. The concept of having my own creation take to the sky’s was very appealing.
Looking back (hind sight is really wonderful) I now see the great stress reduction that building and flying models have given me at times. Building or flying Aircraft of any size or type that are intended to defy gravity requires a lot of focus on the project at hand.

I have found that if I work on a model a few hours a week, the concentration required to do a good job allows the tuning out of the rest of the world for a few hours. The best part is this is done in the comfort of my home. With no time limits attached to the project, there is no pressure. I have had conversations with modelers about there creations that have taken 20 years from concept to completion. I personally have a couple that are past the 5 year mark. They are always there when I need to escape for a few hours. Although these are very complicated models, they will eventually get finished maybe.

In short the goal of any hobby should be to relax, have fun, make some new friends and forget about the troubles of the world if just for a brief moment.

This wonderful hobby of radio control aircraft has given me personally hours of this quiet time. It is my hope it will afford all folks who get involved the same pleasures.

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