Glues used for building RC Planes




Whether assembling ARF's,building kits or just repairing your rc plane, Glues are a major part of the rc aircraft hobby.

Cyanoacrylate or CA's

These are super fast setting instant glues. There are 3 viscosity's generally with rc plane building. All three versions of this glue are completely cured and have reached there maximum strength within 2 hours.

CA's have a nasty habit of bonding skin instantly. Care should always be taken when using these glues to not get it on your skin or in eyes. Fumes are also created when the glue flashes off. Use in a well ventilated area.

Thin This version is very runny and will wick and run just about any where. Setting time is about 1 second and faster on bare skin. It is used mostly for ca hinges and quick gluing components together that have very good mating surfaces.

Medium This version is slightly thicker and has a drying time of about 15 seconds. It is used for general construction on rc planes.

Thick This version is the thickest of the 3 and has a drying time of 30 seconds plus. This version is used mainly in places where a bit slower drying is needed to align parts.


These glues have drying times from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Generally come in two parts, requiring mixing together to activate the glue. These are used in the structure where vibration is present and the ability to absorb some shock is needed. Such as firewall's and landing gear mounts etc.

Aliphatic Resin (carpenters glue)

This type of glue is usually the cheapest to purchase and will allow the modeler to completely assemble a rc plane using no other glues. Although it is recommended to still use a slow drying epoxy on the firewall of larger aircraft.

Aliphatic Resin does not give off any harmful fumes, may be cleaned up with water before it cures and is easy to sand. The downside is it takes 2 plus hours to begin to set and at least 24 hours to gain full strength.

There are some other specialty glues required for some unique applications.

Special epoxies for gluing fiberglass and other composite materials.

Contact cements and glues that are foam friendly.

Special glues for plastic etc.

Normally the model manufacture specifies which specialty glue to use in a particular application with details where to find it and how to use them.


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