Getting Started with Radio Control Airplanes




Getting Started in Radio Control Model Aircraft


 Flying Aircraft of any type is not a skill we Humans are born with. This fact seems to be left out of any conversations when interested folks are seeking information on the subject of Radio Control Aircraft from Hobby Shops or in the marketing of these machines.

 Buying any radio control aircraft and attempting to fly it without some basic knowledge will result in the destruction of the model. At this point most folks get discouraged and just pass on this most interesting hobby. Flying rc aircraft is not difficult but does require some practice to become proficient enough to have your model grace the sky’s and return to earth all in one piece.

 Finding a local Model Flying Club and getting some help from the experienced folks is the Ultimate way to learn.

 Teaching yourself to fly RC Aircraft is possible. I learnt this way. If you are prepared for the inevitable repairs and replacement of broken parts this can be a rewarding experience.

 The most cost effective way to get flying radio control airplanes in today’s market is by purchasing a RTF (ready to fly)  Trainer package being offered from the various manufactures. Both Nitro Powered and Electric kits are available and come complete with everything required to get you in the air. These kits are generally cheaper than the individual components can be purchased.

 If there is a local club in your area. There is usually used equipment for sale by other modelers who have moved up from trainers to more advanced aircraft. Ebay is also a good source for new and used rc planes and equipment as well as the for sale sections of the many online forums.

 Some thought should be given to which type of models you personally prefer. Electric or gas powered. Support equipment for each type is different and quite expensive to acquire.
Technology has brought the electric power availability to larger models with better batteries and motors. Each type has there benefits. Do some research and choose the type you prefer. This is a hobby and enjoyment is the foremost goal.

Using a Flight Simulator
A flight simulator can be used for orientation training and learning new maneuvers. These are not the real thing and most planes react much differently in the air. A simulator is exactly what the name implies, a program that simulates the actions of an airplane. It is an easy and convenient way to practice the simplest turns to the most complex maneuvers even when it is dark, wet, windy, cold, etc. When a model is flying toward the flyer or approaching, the controls are backwards. To make the model go to the flyer's right, the stick is moved to the left. Being able to move the stick in the correct direction without thinking takes a lot of practice. This can be done on a simulator.

Joining the National Model Association in your county will usually provide insurance coverage and give you access to information on local clubs and the radio control modeling events and news. These associations are instrumental in dealing with the various governments with any subjects related to radio control aircraft flying. Remember these airplanes fly in the space controlled by government in most countries. Support your national organization when possible.


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