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        Gasoline Powered RC Planes

  RC Gasoline powered RC planes have come along way in recent times. RC gasoline engines were once the domain of large rc planes with enough wing area to carry the extra weight of not only the very underpowered 4 lb. plus engines in the 25 to 45cc size, but also the extra weight added to the airframe to balance the unit and build it strong enough to handle the vibrations.

  Technology has made possible gasoline engines that are half the weight and double the power of units from a short time ago.

  Electronic ignitions and purpose built castings for RC use has dramatically improved these power plants.

  Multiple suppliers are distributing engines well suited for airframes as small as the 90 size glow airframe, with some light and small enough to be used in 60 size airframes.


  • Very reliable in operation
  • cheaper fuel
  • carbs are pumped (fuel tank location not critical)
  • Better torque at lower rpm's
  • large selection 17 to 200 cc plus readily available.


  • Glow engines have more power in same size package
  • ignition interference with RC radio signal (requires precise set up of rc equipment and engine)
  • more vibration than glow( although this is improving)

  A good introduction for new folks to rc gas engines by Bob Pastorello

    So... as a "newbie" to Gas. Some things in general that you must keep in Mind and Learn About Doing.

1. All tank and plumbing accessories must be "gas" rated.

Read the complete article Here

  RC Universe also has a large forum with user opinions and how too's on just about every engine available.

 Check it out Here







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