How to Fly Radio Control Planes




   Flying RC Planes is a skill that takes some time and practice to master. Fortunately as with most things in life, experience is the learning tool. There would be no challenge or any type of feeling associated with the experience, if flying rc could be learnt from a book or by watching a video.

   Simulators will help in learning the basic reaction skills needed to complete almost any maneuver. How ever simulators do not teach how to recover from the adrenalin rush associated with the realization that the plane is out of your control.  Either a mistake or something as simple as being distracted  for a second by a bird flying by. Some of the high end simulators can simulate a lot of real life situations. Being able to hit the reset button when in trouble does not prepare the mind for the real thing.

 Without real life experience these type of distractions or loss of focus tend to cause a un focused panic reaction normally leading to another mistake compounding the situation, as the situation gets more out of control, normal reaction is to become more frantic and less focused. The opposite of what is required. This whole scenario happens at lighting speed,usually in just a few seconds.

   By working through these times by flying high enough to have time to recover or with the help of a experienced pilot to take over if needed will allow experience to be accumulated with out the destruction of the plane. This experience or knowing from actually doing is what allows are brains to control the panic switch when something happens. Past experience tells us its nothing to get excited about, we have been here before. This calm rational thinking equates to the proper corrections being imputed and the plane is once again in control.

   Once taking off, flying around and landing under control at all times is mastered.

   Learn each new maneuver by itself. Example learn and perfect a loop, then a roll etc. When able to fly each maneuver independently well, add them together to make up a routine.

   Practice-practice-practice and a exceptional rc pilot will appear. There is no substitute for experience.

   Experience is found at the bottom of every gallon of fuel or at the discharged end of each battery charge.

TIP   Practice and perfect take off and landings first, No other maneuvers are possible if getting the model in the air consistently is not possible, future flights become difficult if the model is regularly busted up on landing. What goes up must eventually come back down. The landing is the last maneuver your audience will see, make sure it is as well executed as all the previous ones.

   Explanations of how to do some of the basic maneuvers.

   Getting started in rc will help with equipment selection for the beginner


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