Electric Powered RC Airplanes




As technology evolves Electric Powered RC Airplanes have become more viable. Huge gains in battery and motor technology have made it possible to power just about any RC Model Airplane with quiet electric power.

Some of the obvious advantages are

  • Low noise levels
  • No fuel to carry
  • No mess to clean up (glow fuel does make a mess)
  • Very small size airplanes can be powered with micro components
  • Very reasonable cost in the small to medium size aircraft
  • Large reduction in vibration allowing lighter airframes
  • Electric Set ups are available for almost all Nitro & Gas Kits for easy conversion

The biggest advantage I see is the use of foam to produce huge numbers of park flyer type rc planes at super prices.

These ready to fly rc planes are being sold by the thousands to folks who would not otherwise have the time or resources to build a conventional kit and try out this wonderful hobby of flying rc aircraft.

More info on Park Fliers Here

Batteries, Motors,Speed controls come in a variety of sizes and types allowing the matching of power requirements to almost any rc model. More info regarding Batteries. More info on Motors.Props are now being produced by the major manufactures specifically for electric power.More info on Electric Props.


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