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Flying RC Planes is a fairly difficult thing to master. Larger planes make the task much easier. They are easier to see, react to your inputs much slower and act much more like there full size counterparts. It has been said that the smaller planes flit around the sky while the larger models fly around the sky.The easier to see and slower movements will be a great help to most rc pilots. The downside to this is that they often cost considerably more to build and get into operation making them prohitive as a learning platform.

Large RC Airplanes or Giant Scale are classed as any Mono Plane with a wingspan of 80 inches or larger and Biplanes with wingspans of 60 inches or more. Jets with a combined length and wingspan of 147 inches or more. These sizes are a standard for competition in North America and are quite often used at rc flying events to limit the size of aircraft that will be there.

Most countries around the world have some sort of criteria to determine when a RC flying model airplane ceases to become a model for recreation.

In Canada the government uses weight as the determining factor. Any model over the weight of 35 kg's is considered a UAV. Making it subject to a whole new set of regulations. Most countries have similar restrictions.

When considering building large rc airplane models be sure to check with the rc model association or appropriate government folks in your area if you plan to fly your creation when completed .A list of Model Associations can be found here.

The UK region has a group that is well organized and dedicated to the building and flying of Large to Huge RC Airplanes. Here is a link to there Web Site.


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