Almost Ready to Fly Radio Control Airplanes



Most RC Plane manufactures today are offering parts, or all of there line of models in the almost ready to fly format.

These RC Planes are pre built and covered with generally most of the building completed for the modeler.

Some models require the attachment of the flying surfaces and landing gear, cowls,canopy's etc. These items require the purchase of some tools and glues if you do not already have them.

Engine and Radio System is not supplied in these kits.

With the introduction of production line building of these type models comes the cost reduction associated with mass producing the product.

It is now possible to purchase airplane models Almost Ready to Fly cheaper or as cheap as a modeler can build the plane either from a kit or scratch building.

The good news with these models is all the hard work is done. Many extra details are included, especially in the scale model line up. Pricing is very attractive and they can usually be completely assembled in a very short time.

The bad news is they are mass produced with one or two color schemes. It is not unusual to see more than just a few identical planes of the popular models at flying fields. Most do not have the greatest assembly manuals.

Points to watch out for in assembly.

  • Remove covering any place gluing pieces together is required. Measure and mark carefully and only remove covering where the joint will be. Cut the covering only, being carefully to not cut into the wood or foam or whatever material the model is constructed from.
  • Use the proper glues recommended by the model manufacture.
  • Double check the hinging on all control surfaces if it is done at the factory.
  • Closely inspect the glue joints that can be seen. Add extra glue if the joints look like they are lacking.
  • Do not over power these rc planes unless you do some extra beefing to the airframe. Stay within the recommended engine size.
  • Be Safe and Have Fun!




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