Pitts Special Radio Control Airplane


1/4 Scale Pitts Special designed by Norman Mc Farland

A little history of the modeling subject.

In 1942 the idea for a better performing aerobatic plane was put into reality. 3 years later the first Pitts Special took to the air. It had a 55hp Lycoming for power,with out a inverted system. The Pitts started its winning aerobatic history in 1946 with the famous Little Stinker,owned and piloted by Betty Skelton.

This little bi-plane has been re-engineered and modified over the years to keep up with the demanding changes in the aerobatic competition field. Many National and World Championships have been won since 1946. The latest Pitts are still performing in the top of the field. A Testament to a excellent design.

I acquired a fiberglass fuse and cowl from a fellow modeler, these parts came with a set of plans from Mr Mc Farland. The fuse was in rough shape and has been around for a few years for sure. A lot of time was spent in cleaning it up and cutting-installing bulk-heads, ca bane strut mounts, landing gear mounts, and a plywood firewall behind the glass.

The wings were built up according to plans, then sheeted with 1/16" balsa and fiber glassed. The ca banes are fabricated from 1/16" aluminum strips. The inter plane struts are fabricated from 1/16" ply covered with 1/4" balsa both sides, then sanded to shape and glassed. Ailerons will be mounted in the scale configuration as well as exhaust. A on board glow driver is being used for the installed ST 75 only because i think putting any holes in the cowl is unnecessary in this case and detracts from the look of the model. Carbon fibre push rods with 70 oz servos are used on the tail with a pair of regular bearing servo, on the ailerons. A base coat has been applied except for the top wing. All required bits and parts are completed and installed. As shown in picture below i am down to the finishing. The switches and charge jacks and fuel er will be installed inside the cock pit again to keep the model lines clean.

This model is planned to be a regular flier, and by the time the snow leaves,i hope to have it ready. The small over all size of the pitts makes it possible to get it to the flying field in my mini van with out the disassembly, reassembly tasks. The Pitts is one of those projects that i have been wanting to do for a few years. Acquiring the fuse and cowl got me started. Now to just get the finish work done and test flown. I will add pics of the finished model, with some flight reviews when it gets there.



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