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  •   Aero-modeling has been around since man first starting putting the dreams of flight into practice.
  •   Powering these models was the next step as products became available such as rubber.
  •   The ablity to have directional control was the next problem solved with the introduction of control line and radio control.
  •   Technology has progressed over the years to the point that radio control aircraft have become as controllable as there full size counter parts.
  •   Rc airplanes, rc helicopters and rc gliders are now available in many sizes and configurations with solid reliable rc systems, allowing control at all times in all attitudes.
  •   This is one of the most exciting and enjoyable hobbies in existence, encompassing so many different aspects. The hobby involves fresh air outdoor activity as well as aerodynamics,drafting,electronics,mechanics,working with wood and composite materials. There is no need to be a expert or have any experince in any of the above disiplines. By building and flying radio control models introduction to all of these disciplines will be a enjoyable experince.
  •   Joining a local club will also bring new friends and fellowship. National Model associations in almost every country around the world are operated by volunteers,yet another venue of particapation. It is not a hobby where boredom will show up for many years, if ever in a lifetime. Radio Control Areo-modeling attracts a remarkable diverse following. People from all walks of life enjoy this exciting hobby.
  •  The possibilities are endless with the countless types of kits, plans,ARF kits of airplanes,helicopters,gliders,free flight models and rockets available for purchase. Or for those so inclined, create and build your own design.

          In the following pages you will find articles or links with information on all types of Radio Control Aircraft Models.

snow fun

Fun in the snow. My brother and myself with our trainer radio control models on floats.

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